What is an animal?
The Canadian sphinx is good-natured, peaceful, intelligent, has an excellent memory, is very well trained, playful: if he does not occupy anything, he, getting rid of boredom, will begin to…

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How to care for a sphinx kitten?
The unusual appearance of the sphinx entails several features that the owner needs to know about Sphinxes are a group of rocks, which include the Canadian, Don and St. Petersburg…

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Sphinxes. Content Features
How to care for the sphinx and how to feed it? Breed Care Secrets One of the most fascinating and attention-grabbing breeds is the sphinx. It is unlikely that someone…

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List of expensive cats with photos and names

Among all the furry pets, cats are the most tender and cute creatures. To date, the world has a very large number of breeds. All of them are distinguished by their features and cost. According to the last criterion, specialists have compiled a rating of the most expensive cats. Top-15 includes both artificially derived breeding lines and those created by nature itself.

All representatives of valuable breeds are unique in their kind. Their dissimilarity to each other, the eccentricity of their appearance, the characteristics of character and temperament make millions of people admire. Those who understand the specifics of cat breeds understand that the cost of these pets is quite justified. At the same time, each of the following expensive cats, despite the quantitative assessment in monetary terms, continues to give a person maximum warmth, love and affection.

15. Canadian Sphinx
The unusual appearance of these cats is due primarily to the lack of hair. The history of the breed began in 1966. However, there is evidence that the Canadian sphinxes still lived under the pharaohs. Over the years, the cat, resembling a graceful figurine, is a faithful companion of man. Sociable, friendly and very smart pets get along easily in any home. It is very interesting to watch them – sphinxes often take funny poses and freeze in them for a while.

Caring for a bald cat is not burdensome. Only velvet skin requires special attention, which must be periodically wiped off due to sweat. Elegant Canadian sphinxes range from $ 400 to $ 1,500.

14. Egyptian Mau
This is one of the most ancient breeds, with more than 3000 years of existence “behind”. A mobile, talkative and very active Egyptian cat conquers not only with her love of games, but also with a color reminiscent of wild relatives.

Shorthair Mau with a spotted pattern of wool, according to the breed standard, must have a scarab mark: the letter “W” at the level of the ears and “A” above the eyes. Two black lines running under the eyes and along the cheekbones are also required. Egyptian Mau can also be easily distinguished by a look that radiates amazement. The price of this energetic cat who loves to run and jump high is relatively high and can vary from 500 to 1,500 dollars.

13. British Shorthair
The next place of honor of the expensive feline parade is occupied by a cat, which is the pride of Great Britain. The rich color scheme of the fur coat, very soft and elastic pile – these are just a few of the characteristic features of the breed. The round features of the muzzle give the shorthair British a somewhat doll-like appearance that gives an impression of naivety and does not reflect the independent character of the animals.

The British Shorthair cat is considered the standard of restraint, aristocratic stiffness, which successfully echoes benevolence and devotion to man. The cost of a thoroughbred kitten purchased in the nursery is kept at the level of 500 – 1,500 dollars.

12. Maine Coon
The ancestors of modern May Coons lived on US farms in Maine. Due to the peculiar striped pattern and beautiful fluffy tail, these cats look like raccoons. It is this comparison that formed the basis of the name of the breed – the word “kun” is translated into Russian as “raccoon”.

Significant dimensions (length with a tail up to 1.23 m and weight up to 15 kg) give the impression of a powerful and formidable beast. However, in reality, both Maine Coon kittens and adults are very gentle creatures. A flexible playful character allows you to keep these pets as pets.

Another distinctive feature of large coffees is a melodious voice, because of which they are sometimes called soloists. Kennels that breed these expensive cats, estimate them at 600 – 1,500 dollars.

11. Laperm
It is difficult to find a more exotic and at the same time expensive cat than laperm. The breed is relatively new – the date of its appearance in the cat family is considered to be 1982, when a kitten with curly hair was born in a purebred cat. Permanent waving is a hallmark for cat laperma. However, other characteristics of the coat (color, coat length) can vary within wide limits.

An innate hunting instinct, tenderness, attachment to the owner and good health are the main distinguishing features of curly cats. In addition, laperma are considered hypoallergenic animals, which allows them to keep even people with weak immunity. The price of cats of this breed ranges from 400 to 2000 dollars.

10. Russian blue cat
Shorthair Russian blue is of Russian origin, although the breed saw the “green light” on British soil. Elite blue-gray color in harmony with bright green eyes, which, like wool, are considered the hallmark of the breed.

Star beauties practically have no hereditary diseases and, with proper care, do not cause problems. These independent freedom-loving cats have a belief that they are able to treat people. This feature only increases the number of pluses in favor of the breed. You can buy a purebred Russian blue cat for $ 400 – $ 2,000.

9. Serengeti
These graceful spotted pets have a strong body, long limbs and large ears. Serengeti cats were born in California due to the successful crossing of males and females of Bengal and oriental breeds. And they got the name in honor of the reserve of the same name on the territory of Tanzania.

Bright appearance is combined in these animals with a playful and inquisitive character. The Serengeti family behave very peacefully and gladly make contact with a person. The number of nurseries and breeders who are professionally engaged in breeding sereneti is limited. This left an imprint on the high cost of kittens of this breed, which ranges from 600 to 2000 dollars.

8. Elf
The cat, reminiscent of its fairy-tale character, appeared in the cat catalog quite recently – in 2006. The unusual hairless breed was obtained by mating the Canadian sphinx with an American curl. A remarkable feature is not only bare cashmere to the touch skin, but also bent ears. With average body sizes, these animals have a prominent convex stomach and long limbs.

Elf cats are very cute creatures. At home, they behave as very affectionate smart and conflict-free friends. Elves are not only rare, but also expensive cats. The bulk of their population is concentrated in the United States. The price of kittens fits into the range from 800 to 2000 dollars.

7. Toyger
Another young breed, officially recognized only in 2007. “Miniature Tiger” – that’s what the striped toygers are sometimes called. For the world of cats, they are quite large, adults can weigh up to 10 kg. Pedigree toyger kittens should have a bright contrast of colors between the stripes and the background. The standard also allows small spots in the color of a short-haired coat.

Despite the comparison with the tiger, these cats have a calm and very friendly character. Intelligent disposition and high intelligence make them desirable in any family. In addition to other advantages, toygers have healthy genetics and good health. Kennels that breed these expensive cats, estimate them at 500 – 3000 dollars.

6. American Curl
Funny cats with the tips of their ears bent back were first discovered in California in 1981. An American curl is born with straight ears and only after 3-5 days begins to acquire a characteristic bend. The hair of beautiful catothees can be both short and half-long.

Pets of this breed are very curious, active, friendly and very fond of children. Even in adulthood, they remain playful and openly show their devotion and love for a person. Despite the fact that breeders have been engaged in expensive breed for the past decades, it is still rare. This leaves its mark on the price, which ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 dollars.

5. Bengal cat
The breed was obtained as a result of a successful crossbreeding of an ordinary pedigree cat with an Asian leopard. Slender, graceful, relatively large, weighing up to 7 kg, Bengal cats have a proportionally strong body. The expressive look of bengals, short thick and very silky hair only emphasizes their natural beauty.

Spotted pets are distinguished by a sociable character and a desire to always be in human society. They are smart, a little wayward and very quickly adapt to the new environment. These little leopards love water procedures, which is rare for cats. Bengal kittens currently cost about 1,000 to 4,000 dollars.

4. Safari
This is another expensive cat, which in its color resembles wild relatives. Safari cats are a hybrid of a wild geoffrey cat from South America and an ordinary domestic cat, from which descendants inherited tenderness and goodwill. The world learned about new purrs back in the 70s of the twentieth century.

Safari is one of the rarest breeds, combining large sizes, significant body weight (up to 11 kg) and an unusual spotted coloring by the type of zhoffur. The strong muscular body of unusual pets harmonizes with long and equally strong legs. A wool with a thick undercoat has water-repellent properties. If you want, you can buy a thoroughbred kitten in the nursery for 4000 – 8000 dollars.

3. Kao-mani
This is not only expensive, but also a very ancient breed of cats native to Thailand. The first mention of it dates back to the XIV century AD. Unique animals lived in the royal courts and were considered a symbol of wealth, luck and success.

Among all cat breeds, kao-mani stands out for its snow-white color and very beautiful eyes. Their iris may be blue or yellow. Pets with multi-colored eyes are found among kao-mani, which adds mystery and attractiveness to them.

The owners of these rare cats describe them as very intelligent, independent pets. These qualities are combined with sociability and tenderness. A healthy inheritance, time-tested, adds bonuses in favor of the breed. The cost of kao-mani today ranges from 7,000 to 10,000 dollars.

2. Chauzy
The dear cat Chausie was bred by breeders as a result of crossing Abyssinians and a bog lynx (wild African cat). Hybrid animals turned out to be very slim and graceful. Chauses inherited from their wild ancestors long limbs with powerful paws, large ears, strong muscles and short hair of a muted red color.

Little lynxes even in character show their natural origin – they like to jump and run. For maintenance they need a lot of space and preferably in the fresh air. Experts estimate the chowie cats in the range of 8,000 to 10,000 dollars, which once again justifies their second place in the list of the most expensive breeds.

1. Savannah
The breed of the most expensive cat in the world is called the savannah. This valuable and rare breeding variety was obtained in the 80s of the twentieth century as a result of mating an African serval and a domestic cat.

The indicative criteria for the savannah cat are very large sizes: weight up to 15 kg and height up to 60 cm. The color with brown or black spots is considered the second marker of the breed. The shape of the savannah remembers the athletic body, long legs and large cupped ears. Short hair is a little rough to the touch and equally thick on the entire surface of the body. The nature of the savannah is very inquisitive, sociable and friendly. Cats are also distinguished by high intelligence, thanks to which they can be easily trained.

Sometimes in some sources the other most expensive breed sounds – “Asher”, but felinologists call it false. In fact, these pets belong to the savannah. The price of a cat heading the Top-15 varies widely – from $ 4,000 to $ 22,000. The most expensive are considered kittens from the first generation (F1). The savannah in the fourth and fifth generation is already priced a little cheaper.

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