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Features of Sphinx Care

Hairless cats of the breed “CANADIAN SPHINX” are becoming more and more popular. Probably their soft peace-loving character and unusual appearance have become that highlight for which people not only love representatives of this breed, but strive to buy them. Buy even despite the fact that the price for kittens is pretty decent.

Every living creature needs care, especially Canadian sphinxes. Therefore, if you decide to buy a sphynx cat, you should know how to care for this unusual animal, which we will talk about in this article.

First of all, you will certainly be pleased with the fact that you do not have to constantly remove wool all over the house. But the lack of wool in your Canadian pet requires you to follow some fairly simple care rules so that the cat will always please you and be healthy and cheerful. So →1. Caring for the skin
The skin of the Canadian sphinx is quite sensitive, so it needs special care.

An important feature of the sphinxes is that they sweat and each cat has its own sweating intensity.

Numerous glands located in the skin secrete a special protective secret, in excess of which the cat may have a “stale”, grubby appearance. When in contact with light surfaces, such as bedding or clothes, this secret leaves a mark. In addition, the pet may have a specific smell, impregnating the tissue in places where cats stay most often, for example, where they sleep.

This drawback is eliminated by cleaning the skin: it must be wiped with a damp sponge or cloth.

Please note: you can not wipe the sphinx with alcohol-containing solutions – they can burn delicate skin.


Cats of this amazing breed are bathed at least once every 7-14 days. The frequency of bathing depends on the degree of pollution.

How to bathe

Water is collected in the bathroom at a temperature of 36 to 39 ° C. There should be enough water so that its level reaches the pet’s chest: there may be a little less water, but not more. To prevent the paws from sliding on the smooth bottom, put a towel, diaper, or rubber mat in the bathtub.

As a detergent, you can use high-quality baby shampoo. Before applying the shampoo, the cat needs to be wetted, but do not pour water from the shower head on it – the sphinxes do not like this. It’s best to carefully pour water from a bucket or palm.

Soaping your pet with shampoo, rub the dirtiest areas with a soft sponge or washcloth. Rinse and, wrapping the pet in a towel, hold it in it until it is completely dry. At this time, brush his ears and trim his nails.

2. Thermal conditions
Keep your ward cool. If it freezes regularly, then a coat may appear: this is how the sphinx organism reacts to hypothermia.

Every cat loves warmth, especially they enjoy sunbathing. Hairless cats are no exception, but for them excessive exposure to the sun is harmful to health. In addition, due to the lack of hair, Canadian sphinxes, like people, sunbathe and their color becomes richer and darker, which is especially evident in light individuals.

3. Features of eye care
Canadian sphinxes do not have eyelashes that perform a protective function, so their eyes need additional care.

Periodically, transparent or brown discharge may form in the eyes, and this is normal. To clean, wipe your eyes with a cotton swab dipped in boiled water (you can also use tea leaves, a solution of furatsilina or a decoction of chamomile, you can also buy eye care products). It is advisable that the wiping liquid be warm.

If you notice that your pet’s eyes are watery, and the discharge is white or yellowish-purulent, then you should urgently show it to the veterinarian: such discharge is a sign of an infectious disease.

4. Caring for your ears
One of the features of the Canadian sphinx is large ears, which, due to the unusual nature of the body (high body temperature and accelerated metabolism), are quickly contaminated. They clean their ears as necessary, on average, once every 7-14 days. Therefore, cleaning the ears is usually carried out at the moment when the cat dries, wrapped in a towel after bathing.

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