Mention of hairless cats can be found in antiquity. Naked cats probably were still among the Aztecs. Representatives of the disappeared ancient breed, called Mexican hairless, were shown at the…

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Sphinxes are quite simple to maintain and care. The opinion of people that the sphinx needs special, "greenhouse" conditions of detention is incorrect. There are several features that must be…

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The main difficulty is caring for bare skin. In numerous folds, skin secretions accumulate, collecting dirt like a magnet, so from time to time, you should bathe the sphinx in…

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Sphinxes. Content Features

How to care for the sphinx and how to feed it? Breed Care Secrets
One of the most fascinating and attention-grabbing breeds is the sphinx.

It is unlikely that someone does not know what exactly are called cats that do not have hair. Although hairless breeds are much larger than we usually can imagine. Everyone knows the Canadian and Don Sphinxes, Peterbald.

But there are bambinos, elves, dwarves, Ukrainian leftists and others. Of course, the main common feature that conditionally unites these breeds is almost complete hairlessness. It is this fact that should underlie the methods of care and maintenance of these amazing cats.

Sphinxes: breed features
In the room in which the sphinx lives, there should always be a warm comfortable temperature. Sphinxes can easily catch a cold, so it is necessary to monitor the absence of drafts and strongly blown areas. It is also important to avoid moisture.

Sphinxes are very fond of heat, so they spend a lot of time on the windowsills, basking in the sun. It is important to ensure that your pet does not receive a sunburn.

The same goes for batteries – there is a risk of thermal burns. The skin of the sphinxes is delicate and requires care.

Hygienic procedures do not differ from caring for representatives of other breeds. The owner should regularly check and rinse the ears and eyes of cats with a cotton swab moistened with a special lotion for eyes and ears, or wipe with tissues specially designed for this purpose. They bathe the sphinx twice a month.

One of the features of sphinxes is sweating, so in order to avoid the smell or the appearance of acne, cats need to be washed regularly using zooshampoos with pH-5.5. Bathing water should be 36–38, at least, in order to avoid overcooling the cat.

Sphinx skin can be wiped with a cloth moistened with warm water or a special lotion that does not contain alcohol. Particular attention should be paid to the skin folds, if any, of the tail region, axillae.

Claws need to be cut as they grow, it is important to put claws, so that the cat has the opportunity to sharpen the claws on their own.

To maintain a normal temperature, the sphinxes require a lot of energy. They take it from the feed. Therefore, sphinxes need high-calorie foods to satisfy their energy needs.

How to feed the sphinx?
Sphinxes are not picky in food, there should not be problems with feeding. The diet of cats should be nutritious and healthy, meet all the requirements of the body. Given all the features of the breed: the need for energy and a special skin – we have developed a special diet for cats of this breed older than 1 year – ROYAL CANIN ® Sphynx Adult. You can buy sphynx cat food here.
It is important to give the sphinxes some time for communication and games. These cats are active and will readily enter the game with the owner or other pets in the house. They also perfectly master cat houses and shelves, toys.

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