How to Choose the Canadian Sphinx Kitten
Little sphinxes are demanding and gentle children. In order for the sphinx kitten to grow up healthy and its development to be complete, the baby's diet must be varied and…

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Where do the sphinxes come from?
In 1966, in a Canadian province of Ontario, a normal kitten was born with an ordinary cat. In most cases, this event is considered the beginning of modern hairless breeds.…

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Sphynx breed standard accepted as final for refereeing under the CFA system (with the award of champion status), starting from May 1, 2002. The abbreviation adopted for the breed: SPH…

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How to care for a sphinx kitten?

The unusual appearance of the sphinx entails several features that the owner needs to know about
Sphinxes are a group of rocks, which include the Canadian, Don and St. Petersburg sphinxes (the latter are also called Peterbolds). All of them are extremely similar to each other, however, the Canadian sphinxes are considered the most popular. So, when we say “sphinx”, we have in mind precisely this North American breed.

The main difference between these cats in the complete absence of hair: this is a natural genetic mutation, fixed by careful selection. Let’s talk about how to properly care for the sphinx, given all the features of this breed.

These cats are friendly and loyal pets. They equally love to lazily bask in the arms of the owner and for a long time play with him the most outdoor games. Sphinxes also get along well with other cats and dogs.

In addition to friendliness, sphinxes demonstrate a fairly high intelligence. They are easy to teach simple tricks and actions. They love to play with objects and, for example, willingly bring the owner an abandoned ball.

This character has the opposite side: the sphinxes are quite difficult to tolerate loneliness. A cat left for a long time, especially at a young age, can experience serious stress, which can lead to health problems.

Sphinx Care
The unusual appearance of the sphinx entails several features that the owner needs to know about. So, how do you care for the sphinx?

Firstly, these animals have their own nuances associated with thermoregulation. Sphinxes do not tolerate cold, heat, and prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to skin burns. It is imperative to ensure that the kitten does not lie for a long time on the windowsill in direct sunlight.

It is also impossible for the animal to be cold. Since the sphinx does not have wool, he needs to build one or more warm beds. Also, during periods of lowering the temperature in the room (it is usually autumn and spring, when there is still no heating or not, and it’s already cool outside), the animal will have to be fed according to an enhanced program to compensate for the loss of heat through the skin and maintain the temperature body. Always remember that due to the lack of hair, the sphynx loses much more heat than other cats, and it needs twice as many calories daily.

Secondly, sphinxes have specific perspiration and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. Therefore, the animal needs to be washed regularly, but not fully bathed with shampoos, but gently wipe the skin with a damp cloth, a cotton pad, apply lotions to clean skin folds.

Sphynx care includes regular ear cleaning and eye care – these are problem areas for cats of this breed. Consult with your veterinarian about how to carry out this procedure as comfortably and safely as possible for the animal.

For sphinx kittens, a balanced diet is especially important. If your kitten is less than four months old, offer him Mother & Babycat food – this product takes into account all the features of the growing body and provides the pet with the necessary nutrients and minerals. Then, at the age of 4 months, you can transfer the animal to Kitten food.

When the kitten grows up, it should be fed a product designed specifically for animals of this breed – Sphynx ADULT with a high content of fat. All year round, the sphinx needs to get high-calorie food in order to provide the body with sufficient energy to maintain body temperature and maintain activity, and such a product was created just in view of this need. If you feed the sphinx with low-calorie food, it will freeze and bask in a warm shelter, become less sociable and less active. In addition, trying to compensate for the lack of energy, he will overeat, which can adversely affect digestion processes.

Sphinxes are a special breed, in a sense very fragile. That is why the owners of this cat should carefully monitor it, regularly show it to a veterinarian and undergo scheduled examinations.

For cleaning, take cotton buds. The procedure for cleaning the auricle must be done carefully, without penetrating too deep, so as not to damage the inner ear and provoke the…


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