Hairlessness is a consequence of a sudden mutation manifested in different species of animals since ancient times. For the first time, naked cats were mentioned during the time of the…

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Moon cats on earth (part 2)
But not so simple. The dominance of the hairless gene in this case is not complete. Kittens heterozygous for this sign partially retain their coat. It can be on the…

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Who are the sphinxes
When at one of the exhibitions for the first time shocked cat lovers appeared a graceful, devoid of hair, a cat, with big ears, huge eyes and an incredibly mysterious,…

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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Sphinxes (part 1)

All colors in any combination found in feline animals are recognized by the sphinxes. It should be remembered that the skin of the sphinxes can sunbathe. Under the influence of the sun, the skin color intensifies.


WHITE: skin color from white to pink. The skin of the nose and paw pads are pink.

BLACK: one tone of black from the nose to the tip of the tail. Pocket mirror: black. Paw pads: black or brown.

BLUE: one color tone from nose to tip of tail. Nose and paw pads: blue.

RED: deep, saturated, clear, red color without markings. Lips and chin: color similar to skin color. Pocket mirror of nose and paw pads: red-brown. Continue reading


For cleaning, take cotton buds. The procedure for cleaning the auricle must be done carefully, without penetrating too deep, so as not to damage the inner ear and provoke the occurrence of inflammation – otitis media.

The last stage of cleaning is treating the ear with special powder with antiseptic properties.

Dental care
In cats, as in humans, plaque and tartar can form with improper care. Therefore, if you notice a plaque on the teeth of a pet, then it should be brushed off with a toothbrush. A healthy oral cavity of the sphinx is pale pink gums and a normal smell; there should be no signs of inflammation or an unpleasant smell. Continue reading

Features of Sphinx Care

Hairless cats of the breed “CANADIAN SPHINX” are becoming more and more popular. Probably their soft peace-loving character and unusual appearance have become that highlight for which people not only love representatives of this breed, but strive to buy them. Buy even despite the fact that the price for kittens is pretty decent.

Every living creature needs care, especially Canadian sphinxes. Therefore, if you decide to buy a sphynx cat, you should know how to care for this unusual animal, which we will talk about in this article.

First of all, you will certainly be pleased with the fact that you do not have to constantly remove wool all over the house. But the lack of wool in your Canadian pet requires you to follow some fairly simple care rules so that the cat will always please you and be healthy and cheerful. So → Continue reading

Hairless Cat Hygiene: Bathing and Care
The popular belief that cats without fur does not need to be bathed is not entirely true, as it has a short, thin and almost invisible layer of fur. Hairless…


The Canadian Sphynx is so different from a cat, in our usual sense, that you don’t even know what surprises and attracts the most about it. Firstly, of course, he…


Sphinxes are quite simple to maintain and care. The opinion of people that the sphinx needs special, "greenhouse" conditions of detention is incorrect. There are several features that must be…


What is an animal?
The Canadian sphinx is good-natured, peaceful, intelligent, has an excellent memory, is very well trained, playful: if he does not occupy anything, he, getting rid of boredom, will begin to…