Canadian Sphynx

Canadian Sphynx Nutrition
The Canadian Sphinx needs a lot of energy, and therefore more food than most cats. The appetite of these cats is excellent - they are ready to eat almost everything…

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The breeds of sphinxes that are now popular are modern cats, but they also had distant ancestors. Natural, natural mutations among cats have been observed over the past hundred years,…

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Mention of hairless cats can be found in antiquity. Naked cats probably were still among the Aztecs. Representatives of the disappeared ancient breed, called Mexican hairless, were shown at the…

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Canadian Sphynx – Standard and breed status

The Canadian Sphynx is not just a cat without hair. Of course, the lack of wool is the main sign of the breed by which visitors recognize the sphinxes at exhibitions. But for breeders and felinologists, the sphinx has a specific standard for all other parts of the body, and the lack of hair on the body is not the most important sign regarding the morphology of the type of head, body, character and general harmonious impression that the sphinx should produce. The face of a real sphinx is simply magical. It resembles a Tanagra figurine. All the lines of his body are smooth, fluid, but at the same time, you cannot call them elegant. They surprisingly harmoniously combine grace of movement with curved front paws-arms, belly shaped like a pear and tail folded into a tight bagel and pressed to the side. Continue reading

Naked and funny canadian sphinxes

These cats are the most pleasant creatures, because they are, in the literal sense of the word, hot and hairless. In Japan they are called nudists, they love to eat, their bodies are covered with cutest folds, they love and can be photographed, in general, we can safely say that the “naked Canadian” is unusual in both its appearance and behavior.

Unexplained mysterious occurrence

The history of the Canadian sphinxes (it is not worth all to cut to one comb, because there are other varieties) began in 1966 and, not surprisingly, in Canada. One long-haired cat became the mother of several kittens, one of which had absolutely no hint of hair. He was called Prunt. Continue reading

A few reasons for dry feed

Firstly, they contain vitamins and minerals, which are very difficult to select and balance when feeding with natural feeds.

Secondly, if you have to be absent for a long time and there is nobody to promptly offer the eternally hungry Canadian Sphinx a decent meal, dry food provides the cat with regular nutrition and can lie in a bowl for a long time without risk of deterioration.

And thirdly, gnawing dry food, a cat cleans tartar, strengthens gums and teeth. And this, in turn, prolongs her active life. Continue reading

Canadian Sphynx Nutrition

The Canadian Sphinx needs a lot of energy, and therefore more food than most cats. The appetite of these cats is excellent – they are ready to eat almost everything and in unlimited quantities, completely capricious and not picky. The Canadian Sphinxes eat fast, grabbing pieces of food and swallowing it, almost without chewing. On the one hand it’s good. Feeding the Canadian Sphinx is not at all difficult. But let’s recall the structure of the cat (GIT) and recommend that we try not to overfeed the children. And then the regurgitation of food in heaps, as well as an upset stomach are guaranteed. And now, its restoration is a complex and often lengthy process.

The choice of diet is yours.

The following nine rules for feeding cats must be observed:

1. Fresh drinking water should always be freely available to the animal. Continue reading

How to Choose the Canadian Sphinx Kitten

Little sphinxes are demanding and gentle children. In order for the sphinx kitten to grow up healthy and its development to be complete, the baby’s diet must be varied and balanced: professional feeds are only Super Premium class, special vitamins and additives, canned food for kittens, it is advisable to feed raw frozen meat, chicken, baby food. It is very important that kittens can communicate with a person as often as possible, starting from the very first days of life, because this is a guarantee that babies will grow up affectionate, sociable and person-oriented. Left to itself, the little sphinx, devoid of human attention and affection, like an abandoned child, can grow up closed and unsociable, with various disturbances in behavior and psyche.

When you come to choose the Canadian sphinx, be sure to pay attention to the kitten’s behavior: stroke it and see how the baby answers – purrs, bends its back with pleasure, fins, plays with you – this is how the “correct” sphynx should behave.  Continue reading

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